One month SSH accounts

Do you want to create a SSH account that is active for at least 30 days? Check out our full speed SSH servers providing one month premium accounts. This page lists all available 1 month SSH accounts based in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, United States, Canada, Australia and several countries in Europe.

Please note that free 1 month SSH is the most popular account type on SSH servers. If you can't create an account today because of the server's account limit just try it another day. Server user limit and reset time can be found with every SSH server.

We always try to provide fast SSH tunnel connections for a great surf experience. To ensure every server is running smoothly we limit free account creation to one and 3 users per server. SSH lifetime accounts are temporary disabled to provide more users with free monthly SSH access.

Protect your privacy and create your own SSH account! provides 54000 hours secure and fast premium SSH access for 75 users every month. We hope to extend our hosting infrastructure in the coming weeks to provide more servers and additional 1 month accounts.

How to create an account

  1. Choose a SSH server region
  2. Select a 30 days SSH account
  3. Enter your preferred username and a strong password
  4. Press Create Account and wait for the activation process
  5. Copy SSH connection details (host/IP and login credentials)
  6. Enter details in your SSH client (Bitvise, Dropbear, OpenSSH, PuTTY)
  7. Surf safely using secure shell on our fast premium server

If you can't find a free SSH slot, just create your free SSH account and find more monthly SSH slots.

SSH Server 1 Month List

Sorry, no free SSH accounts available on this server.
Free SSH accounts available!
SSH ServerHost / Server IDLocationAccount limitStatusSSH Checker
INDO 1, ID13Indonesia3 usersonline
INDO 1, ID14Indonesia3 usersonline
SGPR 1, SG7Singapore3 usersonline
SGPR 1, SG8Singapore1 useronline
IN 1, IN8India1 useronline
HKG 1, HK5Hong Kong3 usersonline
JAP 1, JP4Japan1 useronline
VIET 1, VN6Vietnam1 useronline
US 1, US10US3 usersonline
US 1, US11US1 useronline
US 1, US12US1 useronline
C 1, CA6Canada3 usersonline
C 1, CA7Canada1 useronline
C 1, CA7Canada1 useronline
Brasil 1, BR3Brazil1 useronline
Neth 1, NL7Netherlands3 usersonline
UK 1, UK6United Kingdom1 useronline
UK 1, UK7United Kingdom1 useronline
DE 1, DE6Germany1 useronline
AU 1, AU6Australia1 useronline

What are SSH and 1 month SSH accounts?

You might be curious why you would even want to set up a secure SSH tunnel from your devices to our secure servers and what benefits you would reap from our free hosting service. More and more Internet connections are being filtered, websites blocked and streaming sites censored. However, there are still ways to get around this filtering and view blocked websites.

A SSH tunnel connection encrypts your traffic and let your browse the internet safely. In other words, if you’re connected to a secure SSH server located in Canada, all your network traffic will be redirected to Canada before it emerges. Your ISP, university, or even your country’s government can't see what kind of data you are sending over the encrypted SSH connection. A SSH account is easy to set up, you can have your SSH tunnel up and running within minutes.

We provide different SSH account types, from 3 days accounts to free 1 month accounts. Daily accesses are numerous, where there are very few monthly accesses. A one month account let your surf the web anonymously for full 30 days. There's no need to create new accounts every few days.